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Happily Ever After: A New Musical 

It's the ball of the year, and all eyes are on Princess Katrina. Which prince will she choose? Complications ensue when Katrina falls not for a prince but for Chrissy, a woman from a neighboring kingdom. Soon, the Wistmorrow Witch and her followers are on Katrina's doorstep, ready to cast a spell of discrimination over the land. Written in 2012, Happily Ever After is a feel-good pastiche of Disney princess movies and a celebration of queer love.

Jones Residential College presents:

Happily Ever After

by Bex Ehrmann & Casey Reed

directed by Bex Ehrmann

May 16-18, 2013

Jones Great Room

Northwestern University


Chrissy.....Julia Namm

Fairy Godfather.....Frankie Leo Bennett

Herald.....Shaina Wagner

Husband.....Clayton Shuttleworth

Katrina.....Alexandra Shields

King.....Michael Fleischer

Witch.....Rachel Meloan

Ensemble.....Kyle Hancher, Mark McLoughlin,

Danica Rosengren, Kirra Silver,

Max Spitz, Melanie Vitaterna


Conductor.....Casey Reed

Strings.....Helen Chen (Violin), Haley Glatter (Cello),

Emma Svoboda (Piano), Lauren Wang (Cello)

Winds.....Adam Baker (Trumpet),

Erin Cameron (Clarinet), Cameron Kerl (Trombone)

Production Team:

Producers.....Tristan Chiruvolu & Caitlin Medina

Music Director.....Casey Reed

Stage Manager.....Lucinda Allen

Assistant Stage Manager..... Alina Carrell

Choreographer.....Elizabeth Steele

Costume Designer.....Megan Riley

Lighting & Set Designer.....Dylan Reino

Props Designer.....Jackie Bautista

Sound Designer.....Matthew Cassoli

Photos by Amelia Bell Photography



"You know when you eat the perfect quantity of the most delicious food and you’re perfectly satisfied but you want it to happen all over again? Well, that’s how I felt after seeing Happily Ever After."

Jones’ ‘Happily Ever After’ a magical experiment in pro-equality musicals (review)

In Fall 2012, composer Casey Reed produced a demo recording of the score featuring our friends Tristan Chiruvolu, Maisie Rose, and Alex Wolfe. Here, you can listen to a recording of "We Fly," featuring Alex Wolfe. Music by Casey Reed, lyrics by Bex Ehrmann.

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